Stack Bounce is an online platform-breaking game where you need to destroy colored platforms to reach your destination. These platforms come in a taboo color.

The Taboo Color

Every online game has its own rules and this Stack Bounce game brings a taboo color. If you participate in Color Drop, your rule is to avoid colliding with other colors. In Stack Bounce, your rule is to avoid touching the taboo color. The remaining colors are available to touch.

Stack Bounce's taboo color is black. This color is maintained in all levels of this adventure game. During your movement, you must avoid destroying the black platforms. If you destroy the black platforms, this bouncing game will end immediately.

How to Destroy Platforms

In Stack Bounce, your goal is to destroy platforms to reach your goal.

Destruction With Ball

You can destroy platforms in Stack Bounce using a ball. Your ball can bounce continuously and the platforms will rotate around the axis continuously. To destroy the platforms, you just need to click to give force to the ball. When this force is present, the ball can destroy the platforms.

In the process of destroying platforms, you need to avoid black platforms. In addition, you can continuously destroy platforms by clicking repeatedly. In particular, you can activate superpowers.

Super Power Of Stack Bounce

In this online game, if you save enough energy, you can activate superpowers. This energy is accumulated by destroying flatforms. However, if you stop destroying the platforms, the energy will gradually fade away.

This superpower gives you a magical energy source to destroy black platforms in Stack Bounce.