Play Slice Rush to enjoy perfection through amazing fruit slashes and the discovery of new fruits. New features will appear in turn with each level.

New Fruit Game

Welcome to Slice Rush, a new fruit game on our website! On our website, there are many fruit games with many different gameplay styles. For example, you can arrange fruits in the Match Fruit game. Your goal in this game is to complete the task by forming groups of similar fruits. The more fruit groups you create, the more points you get. Besides, the number of fruits in a group also greatly affects your score.

In addition, the Dora Fruit Bubble game is also a famous fruit game with the appearance of Dora, a famous cartoon character. Coming to this online game, players will shoot fruits at appropriate positions to form fruit groups. Your goal in Dora Fruit Bubble is to remove all the fruits in each level.

Returning to Slice Rush, your task is to slash the fruits on the game screen to move to the destination. Your points are based on great fruit slices. This new game is considered one of the most attractive fruit games. Let's learn together about the appeal of this new fruit game.

Attractiveness Of Slice Rush

Players are impressed with the perfect slashes in this online game.

Perfect Fruit Slashes

Slice Rush players enjoy fruit slashes. Each slash causes the fruit to be divided into wonderfully shaped pieces. In addition, the slash effects are also extremely wonderful with vivid fruit juices. Through these two features, fruit slashing becomes perfect for all players. They provide great entertainment after a day of hard work.

New Fruits In Slice Rush

After each level, you can accumulate achievements to unlock a new fruit. Available fruits appeal to you and new fruits are more attractive. Slice Rush players are often eager to unlock new fruits. And you? How many new fruits can you unlock in this Slice Rush game?