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Dora Fruit Bubble

Play Dora Fruit Bubble for a shooting challenge with the legendary character Dora. Give this game a try and you'll realize it's more engaging than you thought.

Fruit-Shooting Online

All players can play this Dora Fruit Bubble game online on our website. Coming to this new game, players will enjoy interesting fruit-shooting gameplay. Fruits are always available for players to challenge their shooting abilities. You will control your cannon to shoot fruits at suitable locations and remove all fruits on the game screen.

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Coming back to this fruit-shooting game, this gameplay is not new to online players. However, the combination of shooting games with the Dora theme has brought a new wave of action games. Let's learn about the appeal of this Dora Fruit Bubble game.

The Return of Dora Fruit Bubble

Dora is a famous cartoon character with a round face and short hair. Take a look at the photo below and you will recognize this character immediately.


Coming to this Dora Fruit Bubble game, you can participate in the most interesting shooting matches.

How To Shoot Dora Fruit

To control this shooting game, you only need to use your mouse to aim and click to shoot. It's a simple way to control an action game in the online world.

Your Goal In Dora Fruit Bubble

When playing this shooting game, all players want to complete the levels by removing all the fruits on the game screen. To achieve this goal, you combine fruits to create fruit groups. These groups must have 3 or more fruits together.