Play Puffy Cat to help the adorable yellow cat catch the balloons at each level. The special thing is that you will destroy the walls to move that cat.

About Puffy Cat

This online game brings you to a puzzle world similar to Suika Shooting. These two online games have many common characteristics in terms of gameplay, graphics, and goals.

Gameplay and Objectives

Puffy Cat's gameplay starts with a cat and a balloon at level 1. The cat is sitting on a wall. You need to destroy this wall to get the cat out of the wall and reach the balloon. When the balloon bursts, you achieve your goal.

Puffy Cat's goal is to destroy balloons at all levels. This goal is easy to conquer in the first levels because your cat is usually in easy positions. However, at higher levels, your cat's position becomes more complicated. In addition, the structure of the walls also prevents your success. To conquer the goals of all levels, you need to be persistent and implement effective strategies for your cat.

Through that, players can see the common characteristics of Puffy Cat and Plants Vs Zombies. Players need to use their intelligence to solve puzzles at each level.

Graphic Of Puffy Cat

The developer has designed the puzzle game with modern graphics and impressive effects. Look at the yellow cat and the red balloons. Two contrasting colors help create highlights for the game. In addition, smooth graphics and effects create exciting Puffy Cat experiences.

The graphics in this Jacksmith game also belong to the same design style. Players can be easily recognized through their attempts.

Online Completed Levels

The goal of Puffy Cat players is to complete all levels. After each successful level, you will receive accumulated points. With these points, you can unlock exciting gifts once you reach 100%. These gifts will bring joy to your cat.