Papa's Wingeria is a cooking game for all chicken lovers. Make fried-drenched chicken thighs in sauce to serve all customers of Papa's restaurant.

Making Fried Chicken

This Papa's Wingeria game guides all players to make delicious fried chicken. There are fixed formulas for players to experience.

Receive Order And Fry Chicken Thighs

The players' first task is to receive orders from the Order Station. Customers will visit Papa's restaurant and place orders. Take note of these orders and begin the cooking phase.

After that, let's fry the chicken thighs in Papa's Wingeria. When frying chicken thighs in Papa's Wingeria, you need to pay attention to the number of thighs. Take enough quantity and put them in the oil pan. Next, set the time using the white line on the fryer. After the time is up, remove the fried chicken thighs from the fryer and proceed to the next stage.

Sauce and Garnish in Papa's Wingeria

After frying the chicken thighs, you will go to the Sauce Station section to choose the appropriate sauce. When ordering, customers asked for their favorite sauce. Pay attention to Papa's Wingeria's sauce section.

To coat chicken thighs with sauce, you just need to move the sauce bottle until it reaches the appropriate number. This number is equal to the number of chicken thighs.

Finally, head to the Build Station to choose the right dipping sauce bowls.

Note for Papa's Wingeria

When playing this cooking game, you need to take orders and cook as quickly as possible. If you keep customers waiting too long, they will get angry and not tip. Finally, the perfection of the dish also affects the bonuses from customers.

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