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Tomb of the Mask

Play Tomb of the Mask to control a mask-wearing character and move in a dark space. Your goal is the end of a mysterious dark maze full of dangers.

Tomb of the Mask Unblocked

Like Watermelon Game, this online game is also an unblocked game, but it has many new features.

All Levels With Dark Tunnel

The Tomb of the Mask game is divided into many levels with unique mazes. Your maze can be tunnels or rooms. In addition, there are also deadly traps in these mazes.

Each level will have a unique arrangement and a different number of traps. For example, you don't see the traps until you reach level 3. These traps can destroy your character and the Tomb of the Mask game starts over at that level.

In addition, there are many levels in this running game and rewards for successful levels. Don't forget to collect coins and stars to get more rewards.

Tomb of the Mask All Enemies

All your opponents are not other players like in the multi-player Shell Shockers game. Instead, your opponents are small bots in mazes. In addition, the spikes also act as opponents because they can destroy your character. In order to overcome opponents, players need to learn the controls of their mask character.

Mask Gameplay And Controls

In Tomb of the Mask, control the Mask character to move through the maze and complete two missions.

  • Collect all the light dots in the maze.
  • Run to your destination safely.

After completing these two missions, you can advance to the next level with two identical missions. However, the difficulty will increase based on the maze structure and the number of opponents.

To perform this gameplay, Mask players need to control skillfully with the arrow keys. The arrow keys are also familiar control keys in Snake Game. However, this Tomb of the Mask game is more challenging because the game contains a speed element.