Play Fruit Ninja to enjoy a classic fruit-slicing game with endless matches. New fruits will always appear until you violate the game's prohibitions.

About Fruit Ninja

Welcome to the new online game on the Merge Fruits website! On our website, there are many fruit-related games and players can access them for free. A prominent example is Suika Game where you can create giant watermelons.

This new game also involves fruits, but its gameplay changes completely compared to previous games. Previous fruit games were more about puzzle gameplay while this new game is about reaction gameplay. To better understand this feature, let's learn more about this new fruit game.

Details Of This Fruit Game

Let's learn about the gameplay of the Fruit Ninja now!

Fruit Ninja Gameplay

When you join this online game, the only mode is Classic mode where you participate in an endless match. Your task is to slash the fruits on the game screen. However, this mission is difficult because of the number, speed, and obstacles.

  • First, in terms of quantity, the fruits can appear at the same time. Therefore, you need to slash them at a fast speed. If you miss a fruit in Fruit Ninja, you will lose an opportunity. Note that you only have 3 chances for any classic match.
  • Second, the fruit speed also brings many challenges to players. You cannot control the dropping speed of the fruits. Instead, you need to increase your slashing speed to meet the dropping speed of the fruit.
  • Finally, obstacles are bombs that cause this Fruit Ninja game to end immediately. Therefore, avoiding bombs is the top priority in this fruit-slicing game.

The End Of Fruits

Through the gameplay of Fruit Ninja, players can realize two endings. First, you use up all 3 opportunities. Second, you slash at a bomb. Players will start a new game with 0 points if the players violate either of these rules.