Flappy Dunk is an online basketball game to hit a ball into baskets. Players need to avoid colliding with the ceiling and floor and conquer every basket.

New Basketball Rules

In this Flappy Dunk game, the players follow the new style of basketball. To move the ball, you just need to click on the screen and your ball will bounce. During the bouncing process, you need to put the ball into the baskets. For each successful throw, players will receive 1 point. If you fail, this Flappy Dunk game will end immediately and you have to play again from the beginning.

In addition, you also need to avoid collisions with the ceiling and floor. These collisions also caused the basketball match to end immediately.

Like the goal of Suika Shooting, let's try to get the highest score possible with these endless matches.

Challenges Of Flappy Dunk

In this basketball game, the players also face challenges. Let's learn about the two main challenges of Flappy Dunk.

Complex Baskets

Your main task is to put the ball into the baskets. As a result, the baskets are the most important objects in Flappy Dunk.

The baskets are placed in different locations on the map. These baskets are stationary in the first stage, but they can move in the following stages. When the baskets move, you will face more difficulties in getting the ball into the baskets. The movement of the baskets is also very diverse. Challenges from baskets will continuously come to the players.

Flappy Dunk Speed

The speed of this online game mainly depends on your ball. However, you can directly control that ball, so players can control the speed of this Flappy Dunk game. You can click slowly to speed up the touch again. On the contrary, this Flappy Dunk game will move quickly if the players click quickly.