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Watermelon Game

Watermelon Game is a new emerging game in the fruit-merging world. Your goal is still the watermelons, but the challenges become more and more difficult.

In order to understand well this game, let's start with game introduction.

Introduction Of New Game

This Watermelon Game game is famous for many outstanding features: unblocked on online platforms, exciting puzzles, and unpredicted results. These features will be introduced in turn in the following sections.

Online Watermelon Game Unblocked

You can access this new game at Merge Fruits online, a gaming platform for all players. The platform is specifically unblocked for all locations, so players can access it freely. Of course, some other platforms also have this Watermelon game. However, for the best online experiences, come to our website. Here, you not only play this one game but there are also hundreds of other games of many different genres.

All Fruit Names

All fruits in Watermelon Game are cherries, strawberries, apples, dekopon, pineapples, grapes, oranges, pears, peaches, melon, and watermelon. There are a total of 11 fruits in this merging game. This quantity only represents the quantity of fruit. When you enter a match, a fruit can appear multiple times.

In watermelon game, the biggest fruit is watermelon.

Details Of Watermelon game

There are many important details such as puzzles, high scores, gameplay, and controls in this game. The first item is quizzes and high scores.

Puzzles And Best Score

Watermelon Game offers thousands of challenges with puzzles for players to win high scores. Your score will correspond to the challenge conquered.

What puzzles are there in this new game?

The puzzles of this online game are not presented as individual questions. Instead, you will face challenges that are the puzzles of this new game. For example, you face hidden fruits. New fruits are added constantly but you can't know them until they are released. In addition, this Watermelon Game has a limited playing space. With these two challenges, players also take a lot of effort to overcome.

By conquering these challenges, players can combine multiple fruits and get the highest score possible. Each successful combination gives you corresponding points. However, the score for each combination will be different based on the size of the produced fruit.

With this fruit-merging gameplay, there is a question from many players: What do you create after combining the two biggest fruits, double watermelon? The answer is simple: cherries. This watermelon game will return to the smallest fruit to start a new cycle.

Watermelon Game Strategy

To conquer high scores and become top players in the leaderboard, players need to have their own strategies. A popular strategy is to arrange the fruits in order. You can arrange the fruits from small to large in size or vice versa. Every tidiness brings you benefits for conquering the Watermelon Game. Especially, in this game with various fruits, arrangement is extremely important. This tip can also apply to other online games like Merge Melons. These two games are in the same genre, so you can apply this strategy to both games.