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Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a fighting game in an anthropomorphic egg world. Eggs with the top-notch weapon-using ability will be the main characters in every battle.

About Shell Shockers

This online game is considered one of the most popular online shooting games. In particular, players can transform into a special character, a personified egg.

Personified Eggs

The main characters of Shell Shockers are eggs. Each egg represents an online player to participate in multi-player matches. The eggs' fighting ability is at its peak as they can use guns and throw bombs. However, the effectiveness of this ability depends on the players' control skills.

With this unique egg character, this fighting game offers unique shooting experiences.

Shell Shockers Accounts

Before participating in official matches, you can sign in to determine the identity of your egg. When you log into your account on any device, your achievements remain intact.

How to create an account in Shell Shockers?

On the home screen, you can see the green Sign In button in the upper right corner. Click this button and choose how to log in. Shockers can sign in with Email, Facebook, or Google. Each login is straightforward and free to complete and confirms the identity of your egg.

Background And Battle Royale

This Shell Shockers game is designed in a modern way with great graphics. Few online games can compare to this fighting game in terms of graphics. This element helps the game create an ideal background and battle royale for online players.

The background of Shell Shockers stands out in fresh blue. This background color brings comfort to the players' eyes. Besides, this blue color of peace contrasts with the tense atmosphere of the battles here. It's a big hit for new shockers.

In addition, the battle royale is the map in this shooting game. There are many maps available in Shell Shockers and players can choose any map. To select a map, players need to go to Play with Friend. If you play in normal mode by pressing the Play button, the map is selected randomly.

Shell Shockers Best Weapon

In the Weapon section, the most powerful weapon is the Tri-hard gun with a 3-round burst, accurate, medium-range specialist. However, in reality, there are many more powerful weapons through upgrades. In addition, in the Shop section, players can also unlock new weapons that are not in the Weapon inventory.

Advanced Method For Shockers

Players will fight as eggs in a first-person perspective. To fight and achieve high results, players need to get used to this perspective. In addition, quickly adapting to the map is also a good way to gain a movement advantage. These tips are basic but they always bring great results to shockers.

The advanced methods in Shell Shockers are challenging to implement. However, their great effect is immense for the eggs. The first advanced method is to control your eggs with multiple continuous operations. Run, jump, shoot, and hide at the same time to fight and destroy other players. Second, don't forget to use the right weapon and aim accurately. The success of advanced methods depends on the combat skills of each player.

After playing Shell Shockers, players can move to Merge Fruits to have intelligence battles with fresh fruits.