Cats Drop is an animal-matching game with the theme of adorable cats. There are a total of 11 cats with different sizes to merge and conquer high scores.

Cats Drop Unblocked

Like Watermelon Game, this new game is also an unblocked game on all platforms and our website is no exception. With this unblocked game, there are two most prominent features: interface and graphics.

Interface Of Cats Drop

This online game has a simple interface with main items: playing board, characters, score, change, and next. This information is essential for all players to complete an excellent cat-dropping match.

  • Playing Board is where you drop the cats. If you drop a cat off the playing board, this Cats Drop game will end immediately.
  • Characters are 11 cats with different sizes and designs. Players can follow the list of characters at the bottom right.
  • Score is the total points you have earned at the current time. This score will increase according to the number of merged cats.
  • Change is a support of this dropping game. This item allows you to change your current cat. This item is extremely valuable and it has never appeared in games of the same genre as Merge Fruits.
  • Next is the notification box about the next cat. This is also a new feature that lets players know the next cat in advance to plan accordingly.

Modern Game Graphics

This Cats Drop game is also famous for its modern graphics. Every detail about the cats is carefully designed. Besides, the effect when dropping and combining cats is also extremely smooth and impressive.

Based on these two features, this Cats Drop game attracts more and more players. Even, its number of players is competing with HGF, our leading game to win the hottest ranking.

Best Dropping Score

According to records up to now, the highest score of Cats Drop is 2898, a huge achievement for a merging game. Because this online game has a limited playing board, few players can win 2500+ points. However, there are still excellent players who achieve this high score after many minutes of dropping cats.

To achieve this high score, players not only need the right strategies but also luck. The cats can bounce after being dropped onto the playing board. Therefore, if you are lucky enough, your cat can move towards the target. Otherwise, it may jump to an unwanted location. However, players can completely control the bounce of their cats. It relies on each player's experience to determine the position and angle of the cat's drop.

Cats Drop Biggest Cat

Every character in this puzzle game is a cat. To determine the largest cat, you need to look at color, expression, and size. The largest cat is brown and white with a bright smile. In addition, the largest cat will raise all four of its paws.

This cat is much larger than other cats. It's 10 times bigger than the first cat, so it takes up a lot of space on the playing board. It is not easy to conquer the biggest cat in Cats Drop.