Snake Game is a classic online game with the appearance of an apple eater. How many apples can you collect while being an online snake in a closed arena?

Snake Game Google

The game you are accessing now is a snake game but it is the Google version. This version of Snake Game is developed by Google and players can easily recognize Google's features in this version. The snake, map, and apples are all designed in Google's style. In particular, you can easily recognize Google's features through the background. This background is designed with a green checkered style, a favorite style of Google. If you are searching for Snake Game Google, the version on our Merge Fruits website is the right one for you.

In this online version, players can still enjoy the basic features of the Snake Game. The striking difference is Google's design. Although this design is not as classic as previous versions, it creates a new trend for those who love innovation. Players can experience this online game in a new style with modern designs. It will also be a memorable gaming experience for all Snake fans.

More Game Details

This Snake Game features apple-eating gameplay. Let's learn about this unique eating game together!

Apple-Eating Gameplay

In Snake Game, you transform into a snake with a small size. It's the same character with Cubes 2048.io, but your snake in the 2048 game is designed with cubes. In this new snake version, your snake can move in a closed arena with 4 walls. In the free zone, you can move in squares. Therefore, your snake can only move straight forward and turn 90 degrees to change direction.

Through this move, you need to guide the snake to the red apple and eat it. After eating, your snake will grow one square longer and a new apple will appear. Continue the previous process to collect as many Snake Game apples as possible.

Note that you cannot control the snake to crash into the wall or eat its tail. If these two situations occur, this online snake game will end immediately.

In conclusion, this Snake Game depends a lot on your control ability to survive as long as possible. In addition, you must eat the apples to increase your achievements. If you can't eat apples, there's no point in your existence.

Snake Controlling Way

To control Snake Game, players only need to use the arrow keys which are also used in Tetris. However, the functions of arrow keys in each game are different. Instead of controlling blocks, you will control your snake with more challenges. There are no second chances for players to restart a mistake.

Snake Game High Score

The players' points depend on the number of eaten apples. Therefore, to get good results, players need to collect as many apples as possible.

The number of apples in this Snake Game is unlimited. Can you control your snake and collect the apples? How many apples can you get for your snake? Moreover, your challenge increases as your snake gets longer and longer. Therefore, the high score of the snake game is not simple to achieve.