Fruit Doctor is an arcade game where you become a doctor to treat fruits. Fruits are infected with many diseases and are waiting for your treatment.

Fruit Doctor's Gameplay

In this online game, your task is to treat the fruits according to each level. Every player becomes a doctor in Fruit Doctor. In each level, you will meet a different fruit patient. Each patient is facing a disease. Use your healing ability to treat these fruits. After treating the fruits, you can advance to the next level of Fruit Doctor.

The online gameplay is simple to become a doctor and treat other fruits. Through treatments, you can entertain yourself with perfect treatments. Players can perform challenging missions that would be difficult to do in reality. In addition, it is extremely pleasant to observe the recovery of each fruit.

Details About Fruit Treatment

Because your task is to treat the fruits, you should pay attention to how you treat them.

How to Treat Fruits

To complete missions in Fruit Doctor, you need to complete each mission in each level. This Fruit game will guide you through each task. For example, the first task is to use a surgical knife to dissect fruit. The second task is to finish the stitching process for the fruit. After that, there are many other tasks such as applying medicine, removing worms, or applying bandages.

When performing different treatments, you just need to pay attention to Fruit Doctor's instructions. Following this guide will help you complete that level perfectly. These instructions never appeared in Slice Rush, a more challenging game.

Some Notes for Fruit Doctor

When playing this doctor game, you need to treat in order to complete each stage of Fruit Doctor. In addition, each treatment has different tools. You should pay attention to this note from Fruit Doctor.