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Fruit Sort Puzzle

Fruit Sort Puzzle is an online arcade game to arrange similar fruits to create a new fruit. However, the fruits are placed upright so it is not easy to arrange.

Introducing the New Fruit Game

This Fruit Sort Puzzle game belongs to the fruit game series on our website with new features. Let's learn about some typical features of this Fruit Sorting game.

Fruit Sort Puzzle Gameplay

The fruits in this fruit game are arranged vertically in piles. Your task is to move the fruits on these piles and form groups of similar fruits. When 3 or more identical fruits are gathered, you can create a new fruit with a higher level. After that, you can continue this gameplay until this Fruit Sort Puzzle game ends.

This fruit game ends when you have no more space to move the fruits. To avoid ending up, you should combine as many fruits as possible. However, it is not easy because new fruits are always added.

Additional Fruits For Softing

When you complete 4 moves, new fruits will be added to the game screen. There are 6 piles and 6 new fruits will be added. Each pile will receive a new fruit. New fruits are displayed above each pile before being added, so you can make appropriate plans to deal with these new fruits.

If you don't deal with the added fruits, your space will quickly be depleted and the game will be over.

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