Undertale Yellow is an online extremely challenging game for skillful players. Extreme challenges do not let any player conquer the game easily.

Undertale Yellow Characters

The main character in this new game is commonly known as Undertale Yellow. This character stands out for its strangeness because he is like a walking skeleton. In addition, he always has a strange smile. This character designed a deadly box. A heart moves freely in this box. However, there are many traps when the heart begins to move. The harshest danger is starting in this online game!

When you start this online game, you will control that heart to avoid traps. Are you ready to challenge this Undertale Yellow game?

Heart-Moving Gameplay

If you want to play this challenging game, you need to start with how to control your heart.

How To Control Your Heart

  • Z key - Confirm, Advance text
  • X key - Cancel, Skip text
  • Arrow - Move soul
  • Up arrow - Jump (Blue soul)

This Undertale Yellow game has 6 main control keys. This number of control keys is more than the Snake Game game where you only need arrow keys to control your snake. Now, it’s time to enter the official battle with your soul.

Battles With Undertale Yellow

In this game, the heart represents your soul. Your soul is in danger from Undertale Yellow's box. Your heart is locked in a box full of traps. Use the control keys to avoid all these traps.

You can face sharp spikes or sharp swords. Even sharp swords can come from many different directions. As a result, the game is considered an impossible game to conquer. Only highly skilled players can complete Yellow's challenge.

Facing these challenges, you need to be patient and observe the obstacles carefully. In addition, you need to react as quickly as possible because the swords are not waiting for you to run away.

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