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Onet Connect Classic

Onet Connect Classic is an online item-connecting game to remove all of them on the playing board. Can you reach level 1000 on all game modes?

3 Onet Connect Classic Modes

This online game includes 3 modes: Animal, Fruit, and Food. You can see these themes in many other online games. For example, you can play Merge Fruits to immerse yourself in the fruit world or Idle Ants o experience the ant life. Each game gives you a unique theme, but this Onet Connect Classic game brings all three themes to players. If you are a person who loves new things, this puzzle game is perfectly suitable for you. You can experience the gameplay with many modes while thousands of levels are waiting for you to explore.

Thousands of Different Levels

This Onet Connect Classic game offers thousands of levels for players and each level complies with the following rules.

Item Connection Rules

If you play Onet Connect Classic, you need to connect 2 identical items to remove them from the game screen. If you can remove all the items, you will win and advance to the new level. All players must play in the order of the levels. In terms of modes, you can choose any mode.

Gifts Of Onet Connect Classic

This puzzle game gives you gifts after each successful match. These gifts are a secret until you open them.