Battleship is an online combat game at sea with the task of sinking your opponent's ships. Predict the positions of enemies' ships and shoot them down.

Battleship Game Online

This new game is an online board game that is similar to the Suika Game game. Both of these games offer challenges and puzzles for players to show off their intelligence. You can arrange fruits in Suika Game while Battleship requires you to arrange ships. In addition, you need to predict the position of your opponent's ships. As a result, this new game is more challenging than the first game and players need to show more skill.

Board Game Rules

Let's learn about Battleship's gameplay with boats and best placements.

6 Boats In 2 Modes

This online game offers 6 boats with different lengths and widths. The smallest boat has a width of 1 square and a length of 3 squares. The largest boat has a width of 2 squares and a length of 6 squares. With these diverse sizes, your opponents face many difficulties in completely shooting down a ship.

In addition, Battleship has two modes: Classic and Advanced with different difficulties. New players should start with Classic mode for easier matches.

Battleship Best Placement

Best Placement is the best strategy for players to prolong the match and have more winning chances. To find the best location, players can apply some of the following tips.

  • Place the ships on the outermost edge. After the ship sinks, it doesn't reveal many surrounding empty tiles.
  • Ships should be placed one square apart. The ship will not be exposed when the around ship is sunk.
  • Once sunk, each ship will reveal the location of the surrounding squares. You can place ships 1 square apart to limit the number of revealed squares after each shipwreck.

These strategies need to be applied skillfully to find the best location for the Battleship game.