Love Test helps you find your true destiny through basic tests with simulated situations. Are you ready to find your online lover among millions of players?

This new game is simple but it attracts many players based on its gameplay.

Love Tester Online

As you can know, you can test your love online through this new game. How to test your lover? Let's proceed to the following gameplay to grasp the important details.

Gameplay Of Love Tester

Players start this testing game by choosing an avatar and name. There are two rows of characters at the top and bottom. Thousands of different characters are designed and simulated in these two rows. Each character has a different appearance with distinct personality traits. In addition, there are two name frames where you can enter your name and your partner's name for testing.

After completing these two steps, players can press the Test button in the center of the screen. A variety of situations appear such as fire, kidnapping, or storms. In different situations, each character will have different reactions. Through that, the computer can calculate the characters' liking for each other. Finally, they will be encoded into percentages and reported to testers.

Benefits Of This Testing Game

Like Geometry Dash goal, this Love Test game will bring entertaining moments to players. Through simple tests, players can enjoy fun tests. In addition, it can also become a reference test for the players' love.

This test may be useless for many players, but it can also be useful for many other online players.

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