Continue solving puzzles in Blumgi Bloom to plant seeds and wait for beautiful flowers to appear. Find a way to cut off the strings for the seeds.

About Blumgi Bloom

Continuing the series of puzzle games, this new game is also an interesting and worthy game for players to challenge their intelligence. Coming to this new online game, you continue puzzles with ropes to rescue an item. However, the items in this Blumgi Bloom game have changed. Instead of candies in Cut The Rope, you do challenges with seeds. The seeds want to return to the ground and grow into beautiful flowering plants. Please help these seeds and bring color to poor lands!

Instructions for Sowing Seeds

Although this online game has similar gameplay to Puffy Cat, the gameplay has many different characteristics. Therefore, the following information is extremely important for new players to conquer levels.

Location Of The Seeds

In Blumgi Bloom, seeds play an important role in winning. The seeds want to germinate and grow into flowers but they are suspended in the air. This location does not allow the seeds to grow, so rescue these seeds.

Rescue Blumgi Bloom

To rescue the seeds, players simply need to cut the strings that are hanging the seeds in the air. However, the connection between seeds and strings will bring challenges to players. In addition, at the bottom, there are dangerous areas. If your seeds fall into these locations, the seeds cannot grow. If you want to complete the Blumgi Bloom level, avoiding these areas is a top priority.

How To Cut Strings

This Blumgi Bloom game has simple controls with your mouse. You just need to left-click on any position of the ropes. After that, the rope will break immediately. This simple control may remind players of the BasketBros game where you just need to click to release the cats to the appropriate position. In addition, there are many similar games as well as games of other genres on our website. You can try them after your success with Blumgi Bloom.