Wordle is a word game for one player to find target words every day. Challenges change every day to create memorable experiences for players.

Wordle Introduction

This online game is similar to Fruit Sort Puzzle because it challenges the intelligence of the players. When you join the Wordle game, challenges are given daily and you can only do one challenge. If you want to continue the game, you have to wait until the next day. This time element is a prominent feature of Wordle and it keeps many players coming back to this game.

In addition, Wordle's gameplay, graphics, and effects are all simple. Each element is optimized to highlight Wordle's challenges. When you join this puzzle game, you seem to be immersed in the game's word-guessing challenge.

Start Guessing Words

To complete Wordle's daily challenges, you need to understand the basic rules of this game.

Rules of the Wordle Game

This game gives you a 5x6 board with empty squares. Your task is to fill in the letters in these squares. You will fill in horizontal lines and they will correspond to a word. Each word only allows 5 letters and press Enter to continue the game.

You can take Wordle's challenge through 6 attempts. On the 6th try, you need to succeed. On the contrary, you cannot play this word game again.

This online word game does not provide any support items. All players can only rely on the rules of the game and the colors of the letters.

Color Of The Letters

Letters in Wordle are divided into 3 colors: green, yellow, and gray. The green letters are correct and the gray letters are incorrect. The yellow letters are the most special. The yellow letters appear in the target word but they are misplaced.