Play Jacksmith now to join the arcade world as an online blacksmith. Monsters come, want you to forge powerful weapons, and give you rewards.

Papa's Jacksmith

This new online game belongs to the Papa game series with famous crafting gameplay. When you participate in any Papa game, you also have the opportunity to cook or craft. These games all have one thing in common: operating a store to serve customers. Although the gameplay in each game is different, the gameplay has many similarities. Jacksmith is also one of them. However, this game has the most special theme compared to previous Papa games.

When joining Jacksmith, you will transform into a blacksmith to make powerful weapons for monsters.

Blacksmith’s Weapons

When you become a blacksmith, you can make many different weapons. To create a weapon, players need to follow the rules of all elements.

All Elements In Jacksmith

After entering your name in the box, you can start becoming an official blacksmith. After that, proceed to the 4 main elements to create powerful weapons.

The first element is receiving orders from customers. Pay attention to customers' requests to make the most suitable weapons. Only qualified weapons can win a lot of money from customers.

  • Second, select metal for that weapon. Metals include Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Gold, and Crystal. Each weapon is made from different materials, so players need to pay attention. In particular, you can unlock more and more materials, so this caution is absolutely necessary.
  • Third, after heating the metal, pour it into the mold. After that, use the hammer to kick the weapon into a sharper shape.
  • Finally, don't forget to insert the shank into these gaskets to complete the job in Jacksmith.

Blacksmith Ending

This Jacksmith game is an endless game. so there is no end. In contrast, the game can forge as many weapons as possible. Supreme weapons will bring you huge profits.

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