Play Match Fruit online to check how many fruit-merging points you can win within the time limit. How many points will you get in this fruit game?

Fruit Game Series

Our Merge Fruits website offers players a series of online fruit games. In games of this genre, players can immerse themselves in a fresh fruit world. This gaming world is colorful to bring eye-catching matches. Besides, fruit games also belong to the puzzle genre, so players can train their intelligence and show off their abilities through points and achievements.

Players can clearly recognize these features through this Merge Melons game where players need to use smart strategies to merge fruits. In addition, players can also experience Fruit Ninja where you can experience endless fruit-slicing battles.

Each fruit game has its own characteristics and Match Fruit is similar.

Characteristics of Match Fruit

This new fruit game has many different features compared to previous versions. Two outstanding features are gameplay and timing.

Match Fruit Gameplay

In the new fruit game, players play with an 8X8 board with 56 different fruits. These fruits are watermelon, pear, and peach. In Match Fruit, your task is to move the positions of fruits to create a fruit group. This fruit group must have at least 3 identical fruits in a horizontal or vertical row.

After successfully creating a fruit group, these fruits will be removed and new fruits will be added. In particular, new types of fruit will be added if you gain enough points.

In addition, the time factor directly affects your fruit matches.

The Time Element in the Game

In this Match Fruit game, players face a time limit. You need to collect as many points as possible in a limited time by matching fruits. However, if you create a group of 4 fruits, you can get more time from this online game.