Suika Game is a fruit-merging game with a new theme and background. Dropping fruits is an online puzzle to find a suitable position for fruits of various sizes.

Suika Game Online

Welcome to a new game in the same genre as Merge Fruits! Coming to this new game, you can also experience the fruit-merging gameplay. However, before learning about the gameplay, let's explore its platforms and background first.

Online Game Platforms

You can play Suika Game online on our website, a great gaming platform for all players. It means that you can play this game on a PC with an internet connection. It is also similar to mobile devices. With a variety of accessible platforms, this puzzle game ensures popularity across all platforms. Players can access the game from any device, platform, and location. There are no time or geographical barriers for players participating in this merging game. As a result, our website becomes increasingly popular on the gaming world for this Suika game.

Suika Game Background

The background of this fruit-merging game stands out with an eye-catching orange color. Orange covers the entire playing screen of the Suika Game. There are only a few icons in other colors. First, there are the walls that separate the playing board from the free space. You are only allowed to drop fruits onto the playing board. These two areas are both orange and they are only separated by a thin red wall.

On that orange background, another prominent item is the fruits. Each fruit will appear with diverse colors and shapes. Finally, you can see your score and leaderboard icon in the upper right corner of the game screen.

Suika Game All Fruits

Like other fruit-merging games, this game also focuses on fruits. Some famous fruits are apples, oranges, grapes, pears, and watermelons and each type of fruit has its own unique shape and color. In particular, players can distinguish their levels through size. High-level fruits will be large in size and they often give you a lot of points.

The suika game biggest fruit is watermelon with characteristic green color. It is challenging to produce this largest fruit, but it is also a most admirable achievement for all players.

How To Win And Get Best Score

It is not easy to create a watermelon in the game Suika Game. It does not mention winning and getting high scores in this puzzle game. Let's move on to the gameplay sections for more details.

Can You Win Suika Game

It is impossible to win this merging game because it is an endless game. Players will participate in the Suika Game until the fruit reaches the finish line and the game will end. The players can only get high scores instead of winning this infinity game.

Game Ending And Best Score

As mentioned above, this Suika Game will end with the collision of the fruit and the finish line. Your score will be calculated based on the total number of merged fruits. Besides, this online game also calculates your best score and creates a leaderboard for the entire world. This is a completely different feature from the Merge Fruits game where you cannot know the best player in the entire server.