Play 8 Ball Pool to join 2-player billiards matches with international rules. In this version of online billiards, you will experience the 8-ball rules.

8 Ball Pool Unblocked

Billiards has many ways to play, but this online version will focus on 8-ball gameplay. Let's learn about the accounts, ball, and ball setup of this version

Billards Accounts

This 8 Ball Pool game does not require players to register an account to start a pool match. When you want to participate in this online game, you need to open our Merge Fruits website and click on the game icon. After that, there are two options: Play Against Time and Player Vs Player. If you play in Time mode, this 8 Ball Pool game will challenge you to score the most points within the time limit. In Player Vs Player mode, you can participate in billiards matches in the usual way. A random opponent will match you and start a duel board battle.

On our website, not many games have a duel mode with other players. A few of them are Battleship where you fight another online player to sink your opponent's ships at sea.

8 Ball Pool Ball Setup

The way to set up the balls in the online version is similar to playing billiards in the real version. On the table, there are 16 balls including 14 regular balls, 1 number 8 ball, and 1 cue ball. In addition to the cue ball, the remaining 15 balls are arranged in a triangle. The first player will use the cue to hit this triangle to start the billiards match.

Rules To Play 8-Ball Billards

This online game requires players to hole all the required balls. These balls include the 7 regular balls and the number 8 ball. The number 8 ball is only holed after you complete the previous 7 regular balls.

Note that each player has his own set of balls. Usually, balls are divided into two types: plain and striped. You need to distinguish between these two types of balls to play your balls correctly.