Fruita Crush is an online puzzle game with the largest number of levels. With its fruit theme, the game requires players to connect similar fruits.

The Fruit Theme

On our website, there are many games in the fruit genre and Merge Melons is a typical example. In this Merge Melons game, you need to put the same fruits to combine and create a new fruit. In this new Fruita Crush game, players have to merge similar fruits but the goal is to remove them and get points.

In addition, there are many other fruit-inspired games and you can play them all for free.

Why are there so many fruit games?

The answer is extremely simple: the theme of fruit is interesting and potential. Fruits always bring fresh and positive energy to players. Therefore, players often prefer games of this fruit genre. In addition, there are many different fruits, so the online fruit world is also extremely diverse. Designers can take advantage of this feature to make their games more graphically attractive.

Gameplay Of Fruita Crush

When you participate in the online game, you will move fruits next to each other to create standard fruit rows.

Fruit Standards

This Fruita Crush game only accepts rows of identical fruit. From 3 or more fruits, you can create a row. These two elements are important standards for this puzzle game. It's similar to how you play Watermelon Game where you also need 2 of the same fruit to merge. However, this new game requires 3 or more fruits.

To move these fruits, you just need to use the mouse to change the position of two fruits next to each other. It is impossible to move different fruits.

Other Notes About Fruita Crush

This online game has tasks for each level, so you need to meet them to move to the new level. These missions are always changing, so you always need to pay attention to the information at the beginning of each level. If the level requires points, you just need to focus on earning points. However, if the level requires a type of fruit, you should focus on removing that type of fruit.