Play Fruit Rush to enjoy high-speed races with fruits and avoid dangerous obstacles. Can you control your fruit to safely conquer each level?

Welcome to Fruit Rush

Welcome all players to the new fruit game on our website! Our website has many different fruit games with many interesting gameplay. For example, you can participate in a great shooting war with fruits in Suika Shooting or become super ninjas to cut as many fruits as possible in Fruit Master. These games all focus on fruit characters, but their gameplay is extremely diverse.

Returning to this Fruit Rush game, players continue to experience a new gameplay style: racing at speed. Players will control their fruit characters to conquer thousands of different challenges. This new game is extremely suitable for speed enthusiasts. Join this online game now and show off your control skills with brave fruits!

Rushing Instructions

To conquer this Fruit Rush game, players should follow some of the details below to grasp important game information.

Fruit Rush Gameplay

Press the Start button to start this fruit game. After starting Fruit Rush, use your mouse to move the fruit character left and right. Your task is to avoid obstacles on the way to protect your fruit. Your fruit will lose one part if it collides with these obstacles. Even though the remaining pieces can still keep moving, you have lost part of your winning chance. When all the fruits are removed, you will not be able to continue the race.

Besides the obstacles, this Fruit Rush game challenges players with speed. Your fruit always moves at high speed at any level, so you need to adapt to this speed.

Rushing Notes

As you move through Fruit Rush, the fruit character can change with each level. Therefore, you should pay attention to this change to combat unexpected situations.

Besides, there are pads on the path of Fruit Rush. These pads make your fruit move faster.