Monkey Market is a leisure game to run a supermarket from scratch. Start building the supermarket with 0 products until it turns into a crowded supermarket.

What Is The Idle Game

Idle games are online games with simple gameplay and without any specific tasks. Through games of this genre, players can freely entertain with easy controls. The Monkey Market game is a prime example. Besides that, there are a few other idle games on our website. Papa's Wingeria is another example. In this Papa's Wingeria game, players will operate a Papa's restaurant to sell delicious fried chicken thighs.

The gameplay of the idle game is always aimed at simplicity and entertainment for the players. Besides, usually, online games are also endless games. Monkey Market and Papa's Wingeria both have this endless gameplay. Through it, you can entertain yourself until you get bored. If you want to replay the game, it will also be possible. All gameplay is saved on your device. If you play this game on another device, unfortunately, you have to start over from the beginning.

Details Of Monkey Market

This new game also belongs to the leisure style with the following details.

Details About Gameplay

When you start this Monkey Market game, you get $25 to start unlocking the checkout counter, display counter, and a banana tree. Your task is to harvest bananas and receive money from customers. Through the earned money, you can start unlocking other stalls to expand the Monkey Market.

Besides, to improve productivity, you can hire employees and upgrade monkeys. This Monkey Market game will guide you through each upgrade.

Other Monkey Market Details

When you become a manager of Monkey Market, you should also pay attention to your customers. Some customers may disrupt your business by throwing away goods. Get rid of them before they affect real customers.

In addition, pay attention to your employees in Monkey Market so they don't fall asleep.