Merge Melons is a fruit-merging game where the target is unlimited melons. However, the biggest target is the green watermelon with the giant size.

Merge Melon Fruit Merge Online

A new online game called Merge Melons is inspired by Merge Fruits. These two online games have similar themes but have unique features for Merge Melons.

Merge Melons Unblocked

Like other games on our website, this new game is also unblocked to bring a comfortable experience to the players. To access this game, you just need to visit our website and select the Merge Melons icon. It is also available in the New Games or Hot Games section.

In addition, in these sections, you can also experience a series of other interesting games. A prominent example is Suika Game. In particular, if you are an enthusiast of the merging genre, this is an ideal gaming world for you to enjoy almost all similar games.

A Melon Playground

Playground is another important element of this melon game. When participating in this merging game, players are often impressed by the eye-catching graphics. In particular, the background of Merge Melons has an outstanding appearance with many color combinations. These pastel colors create a neutral gaming environment that harmonizes with the eyes of players. As a result, you can play this merge game for a longer time. Now, let's move to the melon-merging gameplay, significant information for all players.

Merge A Melon

In this puzzle game, players will focus on merging fruits to create melon fruits. This gameplay has appeared in many previous games on our website. If you have questions about this melon gameplay, you can try the mentioned games above. Through it, you can get a lot of useful information and merging tips. Now, it's time to learn about the difference in gameplay of this Merge Melons game.

3 Support Items

In the last 3 games, this game is the only one that provides support items for players.

  • Knife: Remove a fruit.
  • 10T: Destroy some fruits.
  • Color Flower: Upgrade 1 fruit.

Each item has a specific effect on fruits. In particular, color flowers can upgrade a fruit to a higher level. If you take advantage of this item, you can get high scores in Merge Melons more easily. However, note that the number of item uses is limited.

Merge Melons All Fruits

Have you ever been curious about all the fruits in the melon game? All fruits including lemon, mangosteen, orange, apple, dragon fruit, coconut, pineapple, cantaloupe, papaya, and watermelon. These fruits are arranged in increasing levels from left to right. You can identify them based on color and size. Lemon is the smallest in size and watermelon is the largest in size. If players are paying attention, you may notice that all of these fruits belong to the melon family.

When you combine two fruits of the same type together, you will create a fruit of a higher level. And there is a question: what will two watermelons combined create in Merge Melons? The answer is lemon. Your game will start again with the lemon but your points will still keep.