Suika Shapes is a fruit-merging game with a simulation design. Your fruits are represented by circular shapes with different colors and expressions.

All Fruits In Suika Shapes

This new merging game has a fruit theme but they are not designed with real fruits in mind. Instead, the fruits will be simulated with round shapes and corresponding colors.

The Color Of The Fruits

In Suika Shapes, there are 11 fruits with 11 colors: red, light red, purple, orange, dark red, light yellow, light purple, dark yellow, neon green, and green. These 11 colors represent 11 different fruits in the Suika world. For example, light purple represents grapes and green represents watermelon. There are 9 remaining colors to represent the other 9 fruits. Can you guess the meaning of the remaining 9 colors?

In addition to colors, the fruits also have different sizes. They are arranged in order from smallest to largest to show the division of rank. The larger the fruit, the higher the level.

Color Variation In Suika Shapes

Next to the fruit row, there is a color palette. Players can choose any color from this table. However, it does not change the color of the fruit. Instead, the color of the background changes. Don't get confused with the color of the fruit!

The Suika Shapes game needs to ensure the color stability of the fruit. With 11 types of fruit, the change in color of the fruit will lead to chaos in this gaming world.

Best Score And Leaderboard

Unlike the Shell Shockers game, you express yourself by the number of merged fruits. The more fruits you combine, the higher your score in Suika Shapes. Only players with high scores can appear on the leaderboard.

On the leaderboard, the current leader is I3oobie with 3733 points, an admirable achievement. Can you beat this achievement by merging fruit?