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Suika Shooting

Suika Shooting is an online shooting game with a fruit theme, especially watermelons. You need to shoot down all the fruits that are rushing towards you.

By participating in this online game, players can experience endless shooting battles.

Endless Shooting Battles

If you are a fan of action games, this Suika Shooting game is extremely suitable for you. Coming to this game, you can shoot and fight with an endless number of enemies.

Challenge In Suika Shooting

This online game has the same theme as Suika Game, so your opponents are fruits including lemons, oranges, apples, pineapples, watermelons, and others. These fruits come in different sizes and they will attack you. Instead of waiting for you to merge, the fruits can move in the air and try to destroy you.

In particular, watermelon is a formidable opponent because it can be divided into many small fruits. As a result, the number of enemies increases and you face more difficult situations.

How to Destroy Fruits

In Suika Shooting, you transform into a small cloud with the ability to shoot continuously. This cloud continuously shoots in one direction and your task is to control this cloud towards the fruits. In addition, you also need to avoid the fruits to avoid collisions. If a collision occurs, your cloud will be injured and the game will end when the cloud runs out of health.

Tips For Suika Shooting

You can apply flexible movement in Vampire Survivors to survive in this fruit world. Instead of facing endless vampires, you face endless fruits now. Moreover, the main characters of both games attack automatically, and your task is to control them with the arrow keys. Therefore, the tips for these two games are similar.

In addition, players can also challenge Undertale Yellow to experience extreme challenges for survival. Very few players can conquer this recommended game. If you conquer this game, the Suika Shooting game will become much simpler.