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Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is an action-adventure game that focuses on fighting endless vampires. In this infinite vampire world, there is no place for the weak.

Vampire Survivors Secrets

This online game is a story about the secret vampire world. In this gaming world, vampires exist, but they are your opponents. Why start this intense online war? Let's learn about the secrets of Vampire Survivors together.

When discussing this new game's secrets, players often think about the secret menu. This secret menu opens up new ways for players to upgrade their weapons. These weapons help you fight vampires more easily. These formulas will be revealed when you unlock the corresponding achievements. If you want to discover the secrets of these weapons, don't forget to conquer this online vampire game.

All Vampire-Battle Infor

The next section provides players with the most important information about the Vampire Survivors game and the first one is weapon evolutions.

All Weapon Evolutions

Weapon evolutions are the weapon updates mentioned in the Secret section above. For each weapon, there are different evolution levels and usually, there are 3 levels. Let's mention a few typical weapons in this vampire-fighting game.

  • First, Bloodfang Blade has three update levels with different powers. At level 1, this sword has a sharp edge and moderate attack speed while the sword becomes sharper and attacks faster at level 2. At level 3, the sword becomes a formidable weapon that can deal high damage and cause bleeding to the enemy.
  • Second, Nightshade Bow also has 3 levels. At level 1, this bow only has average strength and moderate range. However, when you upgrade it to level 2, the bow becomes stronger and has a longer range. At its highest level, the bow becomes a precise and effective tool that can fire cluster or poison bullets.
  • Third, Shadowstrike Daggers have a compact design and fast attack speed at level 1. Moving up to level 2 and 3, the blades become sharper and attack faster.

In addition, this Vampire Survivors game also has other powerful weapons such as Crimson Shroud, Glass Fandango, and Sanguine Staff. Each weapon has its own evolution and power. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the most powerful weapon.

Survivors Characters

In this Vampire Survivors game, players can transform into one of four characters: Antonio, Imeida, Pasqualina, and Gennaro. These four characters have different attack and defense powers. In particular, their attack style is unique in creating combat experiences.

When starting, your default character is Antonio with the ability to use sharp swords. The remaining three characters are locked until you unlock them with precious coins.

According to the list of this Vampire Survivors game, the best character is Gennaro with 550 coins.

Endless Mode Vampire Survivors

This online game is an endless mode of an action-adventure game. You can also experience this mode in the Merge Fruits game but the genres of the two games are completely different. The only common feature is endless gameplay until the players reach the ending rule. In Vampire Survivors, the ending rule is depleting your character's health. Vampires will constantly appear and attack you in a closed arena.