Elastic Man is an idle game where you get to interact with a super elastic boy. The boy's reactions will help you eliminate all the stress in your life.

Pull The Skin

In Elastic Man, players can drag or pull the boy's skin. You can move in any direction based on your mouse. The interaction between the mouse and the skin will bring interesting reactions. If you play Elastic Man on mobile, you can also pull the skin by tapping on the game screen.

The skin-pulling way is extremely simple, so all players can play. Note that pulling the skin will not hurt the boy because this is an elastic man.

Interact In Elastic Man

The boy's reactions always bring interesting experiences to players. These reactions can reduce stress in the lives of online players. Let's learn about two basic reactions: skin elasticity and eye movement.

Skin Elasticity

Babies always have soft, smooth, and elastic skin and this Elastic Man game recreates that skin online. You can pull or push the skin to see that magical elasticity. It is possible to pull or push in any direction and the skin will return to its original state after you stop interacting.

This perfect elasticity always gives players interesting experiences and puzzle games like Route Digger never have.

Eyes In Elastic Man

The boy's eyes also left a lot of impression on online players. Those eyes will always move with your every move. In particular, the movement of the eyes is very flexible, so tracking the movement of the eyes is also very interesting.