Game Definition

Tetris is an online board game with an infinite number of blocks. Let's move and follow the direction of the blocks to place them in the appropriate position.

With this definition, players can understand the basics of this puzzle game. However, let's go into the following details to understand Tetris more clearly.

Tetris Free Unblocked

Every online game has its own outstanding features and this puzzle game also has notable ones. Referring to online games on our website, players recognize one feature of them: unblocked free games.

Free Unblocked Features

There are many free unblocked games like Merge Cakes where you can merge and create delicious cakes based on your clicks. The two online games are free and unblocked on our website. Referring to the effects of this feature, they provide the most comfortable online environment for players to entertain. Players are unhindered by time, location, internet, and cost. As a result, this Tetris game can reach more players worldwide. However, to attract so many players, this online game relies on one outstanding feature: puzzle gameplay.

Tetris Board Game

This new game is considered a puzzle game with challenges to improve intelligence and reflexes. In terms of training intelligence, players need to find the appropriate positions and directions of blocks. Calculating both of these factors allows players to exercise their thinking ability.

In addition, the time to arrange blocks is not much in Tetris. This time is calculated by the time the block falls from above. Therefore, players need to react quickly and arrange blocks into position as quickly as possible. Otherwise, blocks can fall into unexpected places and it can ruin your strategies.

Play Tetris Online

To play this puzzle game online, players need to understand how to control blocks first.

Classic Tetris Online Controls

Unlike Merge Fruits with the mouse control, this online game uses the arrow keys as the main control set. Each arrow key has a unique effect on blocks.

  • The left arrow is used to move the block to the left.
  • The right arrow can move the block to the right.
  • The up arrow helps rotate the block in different directions until you choose the direction you like.
  • The down arrow allows blocks to fall faster than normal speed.

Note that you are not limited to the number of times you can use the arrow keys per block. You can move and rotate the block an unlimited number of times. However, you should be careful with the down arrow key because it increases movement speed. Your thinking time will be reduced and it will be difficult to place the block in the right position. You should only use this control key when you are sure of the location of the block.

Can You Beat Tetris

This online game is an endless game with an infinite number of blocks. Tetris players can conquer the highest possible achievements based on their talent. As a result, instead of beating the game, players can conquer increasingly higher scores. To calculate points, this board game is based on the number of created block lines.

Note that the level factor greatly affects your difficulty and achievements, so Tetris players should choose the appropriate level from the 10 available levels.