Play Cut The Rope to bring the candies back to the green frog at each level, but the location of the candies will prevent the players from succeeding.

Cut The Rope Game

With this online game, players can continue their process of conquering board games. On our website, there are many games similar to 8 Ball Pool and players are gradually conquering them one by one. Can you conquer all the puzzle games on this list?

It will be a challenging battle because each game offers many challenges and puzzles. Now, let's dive into the details of this Cut The Rope game.

Om Nom - Main Character

Om Nom is the main character of this Cut The Rope game. Om Nom is a cute frog with a striking green body. This frog is very funny and hungry. Because of the process of finding candy, this frog fell into a hole. Help your character get the candies hanging above.

Through each level, this Om Nom frog will reappear. In each level, it is sitting at the bottom in the middle. This position remains virtually unchanged throughout all of these online levels.

Cut The Rope Candy

Another important factor is the candies, your target, and the frog. The candies are hung by ropes. The location of the candies certainly changes with each level. Even the number of ropes increases with the level to tie to the candy. These two features both bring challenges for players to conquer this puzzle game.

How To Conquer This Puzzle Game

This Cut The Rope game requires players to find a way to rescue candies. As a result, you just need to get the candy to the frog. At that moment, you beat that level and continue on to another cutting level.

Of course, this cutting process is not simple because your candy may fall out. In addition, the number of cuts is limited. You cannot cut the ropes too many times.