Color Drop is an online control game where a ball will fall freely. Let's click to make the ball bounce and move into areas of the same color.

About Color Drop

This new game is a console game that has a similar genre to Level Devil. When you enter Color Drop, you need to control a ball and conquer challenges. However, the challenge of this online game is more difficult than other online games on our website. As a result, players are often tempted to show off their control abilities.

Besides, this Color Drop game has impressive graphics with eye-catching colors. Color is an important factor in conquering the challenges of this new game.

Challenges Of Color And Ball

The players are always faced with colors and balls. Let's learn about these challenges together to conquer this Color Drop game more easily!

Various Colors And Shapes

In Color Drop, obstacles come in many shapes and colors. Your ball needs to move through these obstacles to conquer long distances. To move through obstacles, you need to use areas of the same color.

In addition, obstacles can move and they come in a variety of shapes and structures. These factors can all affect your ball's journey.

Challenges Form Color Drop Ball

Your ball will fall continuously and you need to click to make it bounce. With this moving way, it is difficult to control the movement of the ball. Your ball will easily fall onto the obstacles and your ball will be destroyed immediately.