Fruit Master is an online fruit-slashing game with a new style: throwing knives from below. Pay attention to time it correctly so you don't miss any fruit.

About Fruit Master

This fruit game is released on many different platforms with many versions. Players can play Fruit Master on apps or online platforms. Of course, online platforms always come with more convenience because you don't have to download any resources. You just need to visit our website and select this game to get started.

This online version has many features in terms of gameplay, graphics, and levels. These features also appear in Blumgi Bloom, an interesting puzzle game. Although this Blumgi Bloom game belongs to a different genre, it also has many similar features. If you are interested in this new game, click and challenge yourself now.

Returning to Fruit Master, this fruit game has typical fruit-slicing gameplay and eye-catching graphics. Let's learn about these two characteristics together in the next section.

Gameplay And Graphics

Two outstanding features of Fruit Master are gameplay and graphics.

Fruit Master's Gameplay

Your task is to slash the fruits on the game screen to move to the next level. Each level of Fruit Master includes many stages and each stage is a challenge.

Each stage gives you countless knives and certain fruits. Click on the screen to throw these knives into the fruits. If you successfully slash the fruit, you can continue. On the contrary, you have to replay that level if you miss the knife throw.

This knife-throwing process often faces challenges from fruits. The fruits move continuously so you can't aim them easily.

Graphics With Fruits

The graphics of this Fruit Master game stand out with eye-catching fruits. Besides, you can unlock new knives with unique designs. Note that the new knives are faster to deliver more precise slashes.