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Geometry Dash Lite

Play Geometry Dash Lite to join 15 extreme challenges of the Geometry Dash series. The hardest challenge is the Electrodynamix challenge with 15 stars.

15 Extreme Challenges

This Geometry Dash Lite game has 15 levels with 15 different challenges. Let's learn about the characteristics of these 15 levels together.

Features Of 15 Levels

You can play 15 levels in Geometry Dash Lite. In particular, you do not need to play in order in this Lite version. You can choose any level and start your own challenge.

These challenges all have the same controls and goals. You can control Geometry Dash Lite using the spacebar, arrow keys, or left mouse button. The general goal is to reach the end of this Geometry Lite game to complete a level. In addition, each level has 2 modes: Practice and Normal. These two modes differ in checkpoints that allow you to remember your distance.

Hardest Levels Of Geometry Dash Lite

The hardest level is Electrodynamix, the last level on the list. This level has 15 stars, the largest number of stars in the Geometry Dash series. When you join this Electrodynamix level, you can experience all the challenges about characters, space portals, and support items. The final level of Geometry Dash Lite has 7 characters, 7 space portals, and 2 support items. Explore Electrodynamix and show off your control skills!

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As you can know, Geometry Dash Lite belongs to the Geometry Dash series and this series has many different versions. Among them, the original version is always the most attractive version and the Geometry Dash Lite version is the second most popular version. The original version of this game series is Geometry Dash. After conquering all 15 levels, you can join the original version to feel the difference.