Route Digger is a puzzle game where you need to create a safe path for your balloon to reach its destination. Pay attention to the colors of the destinations!

About Route Digger

This new game belongs to a new genre compared to Pop it 3D where you can have pure entertainment. In contrast, Route Digger players need to solve puzzles and complete levels. Although these two gameplay styles have different challenges, they bring entertainment to players.

In particular, in Route Digger, you can experience many different levels from easy to difficult. This online game will number each level sequentially. The higher the number, the higher the difficulty of the level. After completing a level, you can proceed to the next level or replay the previous level. Everything depends on your decisions in this puzzle game.

Digging Gameplay

In Route Digger, players will focus on digging gameplay with the following missions and controls.

Route Digger's Mission

This puzzle game requires players to dig paths to get their balloons to their destination. During this digging process, you may face many challenges.

  • The balloons come in many colors and you need to take them to destinations of the same color.
  • A level can have multiple balloons and you need to complete the mission for all the balloons.
  • This Route Digger game has obstacles such as wooden bars, spikes, or saw wheels. These obstacles can block or destroy your balloons.

To conquer these challenges, players need to control skillfully to have safe roads.

Digging Controls

In Route Digger, you just need to use your mouse and hold down the left mouse button to move. With this operation, you can create roads as you like. Note that this puzzle game has no limit on digging times.