Knife Ninja is a challenging knife-throwing game with a variety of levels. The number of knives in each level is different to throw at the targets. This gameplay is created to Fruit Ninja and you can try it on our website.

Mission Of Knife Ninja

In this online game, players must throw all the knives at the target. The number of knives at each level is different, so the goal at each level is different. When you join Knife Ninja, you should pay attention to the number of knives in the bottom left corner. If you can safely throw all the knives in this corner, you can complete the level's goal.

This mission is simple in the first levels, but at higher levels, you will face more challenges. Are you ready to conquer the challenges of knives and targets?

Knive And Throwing Rules

How To Throw Knives

In Knife Ninja, to throw knives, you just need to click on the play screen to launch the knives. When you click on the play screen, the knives will fly towards the target. However, you cannot throw the knives at any location because this Knife Ninja game has rules.

Principles Of Knife Ninja

  • Players must throw all the knives to complete a level.
  • If the knives collide, this Knife Ninja game will be over.
  • After finishing the game, you must play again from level 1.
  • You can collect fruits to increase your personal achievements.
  • There are several knives available on the target and the target will rotate continuously.

With the above principles, players must throw knives as carefully as possible to conquer the highest level of Knife Ninja.