Jewels Match is a puzzle game where you can match as many identical gems as possible to get the highest score. Successful connections will give you more time.

Identical Gems

In Jewels Match, the main characters are colorful gems. These gems have the same effect: giving points to players after successful combinations. However, to combine gemstones successfully, you need to know their types.

The gems are divided by color. Each color represents a type of gemstone. When you connect the gems, you can only choose gems of the same color. Gems of different colors cannot be connected at any cost.

At the moment, there are 5 colors: blue, green, red, yellow, and pink. Each color represents an element in Jewels Match. Players should pay attention to the colors or symbols of the gems before combining them.

Gameplay Of Jewels Match

The gameplay of this puzzle game has two main elements: connections and time.

Connections In Jewels Match

The gem-connecting way in Jewels Match is different from Merge Fruits. You do not merge two identical gems to create a larger gem. Instead, you try to connect as many gems as possible. The gems need to be connected by continuous straight lines. Once connected, the gems are removed and the players receive points.

With this connection method, players only need to connect more than 3 gems of the same color. The maximum number of gems is unlimited. The more gems connected, the more points you get.

Connecting Times

Jewels Match matches have a time limit and players need to resist this time. An effective way is to connect successfully on a continuous basis. When you connect successfully, you can get extra time from this online game. As a result, you have more time to connect gems and win more points.

If the Jewels Match time ends, you must stop playing. After that, players can start new online matches immediately.