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Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena is a multiplayer fighting game where you become one of 20 sharks to fight on a closed battlefield. You are surrounded by toxic green water.

About Hungry Shark Arena

Welcome to an ocean fighting game on our Merge Fruits website! Our website focuses on puzzle games, but it also offers many other game genres. As a result, players enjoy many experiences with diverse online games.

In Hungry Shark Arena, players can enjoy classic multiplayer gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and cool effects. In particular, the gameplay of the fighting game offers a battle between 20 online players for ocean hegemony. There are many challenges to achieving this goal because other players want it too. Can you become a winner in this endless ocean?

The Dangers of the Ocean

In Hungry Shark Arena, you need to be the last shark to win. To achieve this goal, you must face two main challenges: competition with other players and the conditions of the ocean.

Competition In Hungry Shark Arena

Each match of this fighting game includes 20 players from all over the world. Once the starting bell rings, 20 players can enter the closed ocean arena. In this arena, you must compete to find food, increase your strength, and destroy enemies. You only win if you can become the last shark in the arena.

Ocean Conditions

In Hungry Shark Arena, online players also face difficulties from the ocean. For example, the ocean always has dangerous cliffs. Your shark can be injured if it hits them. Besides, there are bombs that can immobilize your shark for a period of time. In particular, green poison surrounds the arena. It is impossible to survive in this area of Hungry Shark Arena.