Help Wanted is an online horror game that is suitable for Halloween. In this online game, you must survive 5 terrifying nights at a mysterious factory.

Horror Elements

In this Help Wanted game, players can immerse themselves in a dark space at a factory. This factory doesn't have anyone else but you. This attraction will make players lonely and scared. Besides, silence can also affect players. There are only sounds from you and no other sounds.

In a dark space with such conditions, players can easily get scared and this is the ideal time for scary characters to appear.

Characters in Help Wanted

In this horror game, there are two most important characters: guards and animatronics.

Play As A Guard

In Help Wanted, you will transform into a night shift security guard. You need to protect this factory for 5 consecutive nights. If you can survive these 5 horrors, you can win the game.

During 5 nights, you can use the camera system to observe different areas. Besides, you also have a light and door system to support. However, lights and doors have limited energy sources, so you should only use them in necessary situations. This horrifying life has never appeared in any other game on our Merge Fruits website.

Animatronics Of Help Wanted

These villains are called animatronics which are abandoned toys. They have grown up and become scary. These animatronics lurk in the darkness and they will attack you at opportune moments. To scare away the animatronics, you can use lights or close the door.