Happy Glass is an online brain game that focuses on cups and water. Your task is to provide enough water for the cup at each level to gain victory.

Cup And Water

Cup and water are the two main elements in this Happy Glass game. Each factor plays an important role in winning each level.

Cups of Happy Glass

In this intellectual game, each level provides each player with a cup. This cup will be placed in any position and your task is to pour water into this cup. The cups always have a line and you need to pour enough water to reach this line.

In addition, cups can also be placed in difficult positions to challenge the players. You can see this feature if you participate in the Don't Spill and Flippy Glass modes. These two modes provide unfavorable conditions for the cup and you must solve these problems.

Water Supply Source

In Happy Glass's normal mode, you can click to supply water to the cups. Of course, you can click multiple times to provide water continuously. However, the amount of water must not exceed the line of the cup.

In addition, in two special modes, the cups already have water and your task is to protect this water. You should not let too much water loose and the cup's lines will show.

The variety of Happy Glass will give players more challenges than Pop it 3D where you just need to entertain with free clicks.

Levels And Customize

In Happy Glass, players can experience 30 levels in Precise mode, 50 levels in Don't Spill mode, and 10 levels in Flippy Glass mode. When you complete a level, you can win coins. Use these coins and unlock skins for your cup and water in the Customize section. Although these two elements are just two secondary features, they still bring many interesting elements to Happy Glass.